Gallery in a suitcase

At the Kleinkunsthotel, it’s the little things that matter.

Curiosities and trinkets follow you all the way through the hotel, highlighting the singularity of the Performing Arts Hotel. Embark on a journey of discovery. Sneak a peek in the trunk and behind the screens. 

Enjoy the works of art and other objects of interest.

For information on the artists, craftspeople, works of art and prices, please ask at reception.

Take a piece of South Tyrol home with you.

A few impressions from our vernissage, which took place on March 30th, 2019:

We would like to thank all our artists of the past years:

2020_Margit Schweigkofler

2020_Maggie Wohlgemuth

2020_Andrea G. Zingerle

2019_Thea Unteregger

2019_Heike Haller

2019_Marianna Gostner

2018_Karin Schmuck

2018_Zita Pichler


2018_Walter Paul Auer

2017_Huberta Knoll

2017_Sara Schwienbacher

2017_Salvatore Sciascia

2016_Erika Inger

2016_Saman Kalantari

2016_Maria Puff Gius

2015_Linda Wolfsgruber

2015 Paul Feichter

2015 Ruth Gamper

2014_Gabi Veit

2014_Daniela Chinellato

2014_Irene Kubicek