The Concept.

Kleinkunst, or small-scale performing arts, is a genre of art - especially theatre and music - which takes its name from its minimalist use of people, space and materials. In small-arts, the artists often perform solo in a small setting with a low budget. The stage creates an intimate atmosphere with great closeness between the performers and the audience

We cherish the performing arts. We feel thoroughly at home in the world of theatre and art, which has given us so many friends and acquaintances. Readings, theatre and cabaret performances, fairytales and music are the stars of the stage at the Kleinkunsthotel.

The new look of the hotel is all set to impress with unusual furniture and lighting, one-off pieces made especially for the Arts Hotel. Our aim is to use the entire Kleinkunst art hotel as a gallery for artists to display their works.


The international comedy festival “Naturns Laughs!” was founded by Hannes Christanell in 2001 and takes place annually in the first three weeks of August. The performers stay at the Kreuzwirt, so there’s every chance that you’ll be breakfasting next to Josef Hader, Gardi Hutter or Rolf Miller.


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